A Strategy, Technology, Media & Communications professional with a  passion for social impact and enabling businesses and organizations to achieve success and growth.

I am all about enabling leaders and teams through my different ventures where I consult, mentor, empower and provide bespoke solutions to Ceos, founders, and teams that at the forefront of tackling some of the toughest issues facing the continent. It is my mission to ensure that they succeed because when they do, they make the future a better place for all of us.

In the past decade I have worked on a local and global level with NGOs, civil society groups and organizations such as UNICEF, Diageo, Kantar futures, NNLG,  PIND, Yali Network Abuja, Junior Chamber International to mention a few, helping them achieve their strategic objectives and drive sustainable development in Nigeria.

I believe that future of the African continent will not be decided by those who simply talk and complain about the issues but by those who take action to solve them, that is one of the reasons I co-founded DO a civic start-up. At DO I am building an active community of grassroots development champions, a network of young and old people taking action to solve a specific issue facing their community.  We empower Grassroot development champions with the expertise, technology, data, funding and access to networks that will enable them to deploy social impact projects in their community and make a difference. My vision is to create a society where everyone is consciously taking action to drive sustainable development in their locality and are witnessing the impact of their efforts.

I am also a Managing partner at Endgame The Strategy company, a strategy consultancy and integrated solutions company. Where I provide Strategy & Business Development,  Technology & Digital Solutions, Media & Creative Content Production, Advertising, Public Relations & Marketing Solutions to people, businesses and organizations.

A graduate of Filmmaking from the New York film Academy, California, USA (Class of 2015 courtesy of a scholarship by the Nigerian government), and a graduate of University of Abuja with a B.Sc Ed. in Mathematics.

I started my career as a film editor in 2007, and nurtured my passion for building the capacity of the younger generation by volunteering my skills as Head of Training & Facilitation, Digital peers International (a non-profit organization) for 7 years. Over these years, I has imparted and trained over 2100 teenagers in ICT, Digital Design, Film, and Mobile application development.

In 2013, I played a pivotal role in the conceptualization of the Guinness #MadeOfBlack campaign by Diageo, this campaign has gone on to reach and transform how over 50 million young Africans think about their identity, instilling a sense of pride and ownership of their African identity whilst increasing traction for Diageo products across the continent.

In 2017, I was appointed National Editor for JCI Nigeria (a global movement of young professionals taking action to drive sustainable development) where I worked closely with over 50 local presidents and chapters actively executing local community projects and advocacy campaigns to drive sustainable development in their community, In 2018 was appointed MET Director for the SDGs.

I  currently consult for Kantar future in Nigeria as a Streetscaper where I provide market intelligence, consumer insights and analysis for multinationals who want to do business in Nigeria.

I am very interested in the role people, businesses, government and organizations play in driving sustainable development in our society.

Some of my ventures include.