Century Favour is a Strategy, Technology, Marketing, and Creative Professional. He is the founder of Endgame, an Integrated Solutions Agency, Mandate4 a nation-building agency; and co-founder of DO, a Civic startup where he works to ensure the success of visionaries, innovators & change-makers in driving economic and social impact.

With over 15 years of experience, he has successfully led and delivered projects for individuals, businesses, non-profits, and organizations dedicated to shaping a better future for the continent.

Career Highlights

Businesses & Entreprenuers

  • Achieved $10 million+ in cumulative revenue for businesses and entrepreneurs through Growth, Branding, Marketing, Technology, and Advertising solutions at Endgame, a firm he founded in 2018.
  • Delivered over 100% ROI across several projects.
  • Completed 100+ Projects.
  • Provide foundational inspiration for a campaign that reached over 50 million+ Africans, leading to a new era of brand growth for a multinational.

Non-Profits and Action for the SDGs

  • 15+ projects for Non-Profits, impacting 5 million beneficiaries.
  • Founded DO, a civic startup with 1000+ Grassroots Development Champions in Nigeria, Senegal, Mali, and Ghana, taking action for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Empowered 600+ Community-based Actions for Sustainable Development in Nigeria and Africa, benefiting 100,000+ people across 50+ communities.
  • Deployed a Project on a mission to empower 3000+ African women with access to 100 million dollars in procurement opportunities by 2030.
  • Empowered 1500 teenagers with tech skills in 7 years.

Nation Building & Governance

  • Designed and deployed the technology infrastructure for an unconventional academy training 490+ values-based politicians in two African countries, with a vision to graduate 10k+ more in a decade.
  • Coordinated 10,000+ nationwide volunteers for a transformative political campaign in Africa.
  • Assisted Mission Driven Political candidates in raising 4 million dollars in Campaign Funding.
  • Led campaigns engaging over 7 million citizens, encouraging electoral participation.
  • Building Mandate 4: A nation-building civic startup on a Mission to ensure good governance and competent, values-based leadership for 2.5 billion Africans in 54+ countries by 2050.

Century's Philosophy

Read the articles below to gain some insight into Century's thought process and motivations.

Century's Ventures

You can engage Century and his team through his ventures.

Endgame is an Integrated Strategy, Technology, Marketing, and Creative Agency committed to working for innovators, visionaries, and changemakers. They are the People, Businesses,  Institutions & Non-Profits working to positively shape the continent’s future; Endgame’s mission is to enable them to grow, succeed, increase their reach and impact, achieve their objectives, and thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

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DO is a Non-Profit Startup on a mission to build a critical mass of 1billion+ people, taking personal and collective action for a better future for Africa one action and community at a time. To deliver on our mission, we inspire, empower and mobilise action for sustainable development.

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Mandate4 is a comprehensive and dynamic full-service nation-building and good governance Agency dedicated to leveraging Strategy, technology, media, communications, capacity building, organizing, research, data, advocacy, and policy to strengthen democracies and ensure they deliver positive outcomes for citizens, communities, and nations.

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