I’m an Entrepreneur, Strategy, Technology, Media & Development professional, passionate about driving economic & social impact.

I am a managing partner at Endgame The Strategy Company where I provide Strategy, Technology, Media and Marketing solutions to visionaries, innovators & change-makers they are the People, Businesses, Institutions & Non-Profits working to positively shape the future of the continent  and make a difference in the lives of the people & communities they serve, our mission is to ensure that they grow, succeed and achieve their strategic objectives, because when they do, they move humanity forward.


I am also a Cofounder at DO a civic startup committed to inspiring, empowering and amplifying action for sustainable development. At Do we are building a community of people & organizations taking action to drive sustainable development in their locality.


In the past decade I have worked on a local and global level for Multinationals, SMEs, NGOs, Government Agencies and organizations such as UNICEF, Diageo, Kantar futures, NNLG, PIND, Junior Chamber International to mention a few, helping them achieve their strategic objectives on several projects.

A graduate of Filmmaking from the New York film Academy, California, USA and a graduate of the University of Abuja with a B.Sc Ed. in Mathematics.
In 2017, I was appointed National Editor for JCI Nigeria (a global movement of young professionals taking action to drive sustainable development) where I worked closely with over 50 local presidents and chapters actively executing local community projects and advocacy campaigns to drive sustainable development in their community, In 2018 I was appointed MET Director for the SDGs in the same organization.

I currently consult on a part-time basis for Kantar Futures USA in Nigeria where I provide market intelligence, consumer insights and analysis.

Some of my ventures include.