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I Got Tired of Complaining about The Issues; This is What I Did.

By Century Favour | November 6, 2018

Do you ever sit down and just think about the problems in the world, in Africa and more specifically, Nigeria? Do you occasionally bemoan the dismal development indices, the infrastructural gaps, and the failing economy? How often do you go on this depressing trip with no end in sight? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? I’ll have you know you’re certainly not alone. I used to serve as a card-carrying member of this club.

From education to poverty to security to corruption, the current realities facing the continent mirror deeply entrenched problems that boggle the best of minds and that have transcended governments and regimes. The reality is that these problems will never go away just by highlighting them or talking about them. You think about it, every other day, on social media, traditional media, individuals are talking, countless conversations are going on, opinion pieces are written and published, issue awareness fora are organized but it’s not enough to just talk about these problems, we have to move the buck to the drawing board for action.

So, here’s what I decided to do; I decided to take action and as against just speaking about, I decided to speak to Precious who ran an NGO called GEMs Initiative and NGO founded in 2015. Together we co-founded a Non Profit called DO

DO is a civic start-up committed to inspiring, empowering and amplifying action for sustainable development, Our overarching mission is to build an active community of young and old people who are taking action to drive sustainable development in their locality and making a difference in society.

DO was founded from the premise that amidst the endless list of problems facing the continent, a sustainable future is possible, but to achieve this future we would not have to depend solely on the government or international development agencies, it starts with individuals, communities, profit/nonprofit organizations taking action to drive sustainable development in their locality, one action at a time.


  • We design & manage Programs and initiatives that tackle key developmental issues & drive sustainable development.
  • We inspire action for sustainable development across our programs.
  • We empower people and organizations with the support they need to take action on our programs and bring sustainable development to their community.
  • We deploy strategic CSR initiatives for brands and businesses across our programs.
  • We partner for impact with international development agencies, governments and non-profit to achieve more impact.


So far, with support from our partners and working with our GDCs we have been able to achieve significant results to learn more about them visit;

So I got tired of complaining and partnered up with like minds to launch an initiative that will improve development outcomes for many. If you’ve been wondering how to go about taking action and you’d like to contribute to sustainable development in your own measure, the good news is, there’s room for you. You can join us to take action today!

To do so visit Together we can make a difference.